Launched in late 2016, SAFMAR Financial investments is Russia’s first public diversified investment holding company with the focus on financial sector. Its investment portfolio consists of Russian companies bringing together leasing, insurance and pension assets, including 100% in leasing company Europlan (leasing business of PJSC Europlan after spin off), 49% in VSK Insurance House and 100% in SAFMAR and Doverie Non-Governmental Pension Funds. The holding company is part of SAFMAR Group founded by Mikhail Gutseriev, one of Russia’s largest industrial and financial groups, which comprises industrial, retail and financial companies and manages assets in the area of commercial real estate, construction, development and other assets.


Our mission is to contribute to the fast growth of financial infrastructure in Russia by investing in prospective financial companies and projects with a significant value creation potential. We are committed to continuous quality improvements in our business processes, products and services for the benefit of all our stakeholders.


  • High resilience to macroeconomic fluctuations due to diversification of investment portfolio
  • Focus on companies with leading positions in their sectors
  • Clear asset development strategy in order to ensure solid portfolio synergies
  • Value creation model based on long-term growth and sustained increases in dividend yields
  • Professional investment team with unique expertise and competencies in the financial industry