Investment strategy

Our strategy focuses on investments in the premium Russian financial assets leading the charge in dedicated market segments to build a diversified high-performance investment portfolio. Our investment decisions prioritise the companies and innovative teams that create new markets and shape prospective demand giving the holding company a competitive edge in the rapidly changing international and economic environment. We target financial assets which have the potential to become a valuable addition to our existing assets and enhance the shareholder value.

Key principles of our investment strategy

At the level of SAFMAR Financial investments

  • Proactive investment strategy
  • Focus on leadership in the Russian financial industry
  • Best-in-class expertise in investment and asset management
  • Diversified portfolio with high synergy potential
  • Greater transparency of the investment process and corporate decisions
  • Ongoing open dialogue with the investment community

At the level of portfolio companies

  • Focus on industry leaders
  • Proactive management of portfolio companies
  • Synergies between related portfolio companies
  • Value creation based on a flexible investment strategy: a growth model or a dividend model
  • Focus on innovative models and teams

Company’s investment policy aims to implement a value creation model based on long-term growth and sustainably rising dividend yields. Our goal is to become the leader ofRussia’s financial sector within a short period of time. To achieve this goal the company intends to further develop best-in-class investment and assets management expertise and remain committed to greater transparency of the investment process and corporate actions.