JSC LC Europlan is a leasing company that provides legal entities and individuals with a full range of services related to leases and aftermarket operations of light-duty, heavy-duty, commercial vehicles, special-purpose machines. Additional client services of Europlan include car insurance, car registration with State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and self-propelled vehicle registration with State Technical Authorities, fuel program, emergency service program and trade-in.

Europlan provides car leasing for small and medium enterprises through the network of branch offices and representative offices in more than 70 regions of Russia. The company entered into about 245,000 leasing agreements. Europlan’s lessees are almost 67,000 companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Effective from 30 June 2017, the holding company has completed the spin-off of the leasing business from PJSC Europlan (changed its name to PJSC SAFMAR Financial investments on August 21, 2017) into a separate legal entity JSC LC Europlan with 100% equity participation of SFI. 

100% owned by PJSC SAFMAR Financial investments

Company management: Alexander Mikhaylov (Chief Executive Officer)

No.1 in the Russian car leasing market

18 years in the leasing market

RUB 48.0bn in leasing portfolio (as of 01 July 2017)

> 67,000 clients

> 1,600 employees

Europlan is an absolute leader of car leasing inRussia, ranks among Top 25 car leasing companies inEurope(as reported by Leaseurope). According to the leasing market research made by Expert RA rating agency, in 2016 leasing company Europlan held first positions in all key sectors and was announced absolute leader in terms of transaction volume:

  • in light-duty car leasing;
  • in heavy-duty car leasing;
  • in leasing for SME clients.

For the 1H of 2017 the volume of car leasing transactions (value of vehicles financed for the clients, VAT included) amounted to RUB 26.4bn, which exceeds the volume of 1H 2016 by 79%. From January to June 2017 Europlan and lessees (Russian enterprises, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals) entered into more than 13,000 lease agreements for vehicles, machines and equipment.

Financial results

As part of achieving long-term strategic goals leasing business will follow the guidelines below:

  • development of financial leasing of motor vehicles as its core product;
  • expansion of additional support services to assist the client in car fleet operation;
  • development of operating lease of passenger cars, individuals included;
  • retention of existing clients – legal entities;
  • share increase of new business related to the suppliers of leased assets;
  • share increase of passenger cars as the most liquid leased assets;
  • increasing the share of sellers achieving and exceeding the targets; and
  • quality improvement of customer service in both the call centre and online channels.